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XML Formatter


How XML Formatter is beneficial for you?

Welcome to the XML Formatter, an online tool designed to simplify the process of validating, formatting, and beautifying XML files. With this intuitive and efficient tool, you can transform your messy or unstructured XML code into well-organized, human-readable documents effortlessly. It handles everything, saving you time and guaranteeing that your XML files are easy for you to understand and manage. No more manual indentation or aggravation. Take advantage of the XML beautifier's simplicity and convenience to speed up your development process. Goodbye to XML formatting hassles and welcome to tidy, presentable XML files Start formatting your XML files hassle-free with the XML tool now!

Key Features of it

  • Simply paste your XML code or upload your file, and our tool gets to work in seconds. No waiting around for complex software to load
  • No downloads or installations required. Use any device with a web browser to access our online tool and format your XML on the go
  • Once formatted, you can easily copy the clean XML code directly or download it as a formatted file for future use
  • Whether you're working with basic data structures or deeply nested elements, our tool ensures proper formatting and readability for all your XML needs

A Simple and Concise XML Example

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3  <storeName>Fictional Electronics</storeName>
4  <location>New York</location>
5  <contact>
6    <email></email>
7    <phone>(123) 456-7890</phone>
8  </contact>
9  <products>
10    <product>
11      <id>001</id>
12      <name>Smartphone</name>
13      <brand>FictoPhone</brand>
14      <price>499.99</price>
15      <description>A feature-rich smartphone with a powerful processor and stunning display.</description>
16      <inStock>true</inStock>
17      <colors>
18        <color>Black</color>
19        <color>White</color>
20        <color>Blue</color>
21      </colors>
22      <specs>
23        <screenSize>6.4 inches</screenSize>
24        <battery>4000 mAh</battery>
25        <storage>128GB</storage>
26        <camera>48 MP</camera>
27        <operatingSystem>Android 11</operatingSystem>
28      </specs>
29    </product>
30  </products>


What is an XML formatter and why do I need one?

It is an online tool or web-based tool used to format a specified XML document, thereby fixing its structure and appearance or increasing its readability.. Unformatted XML can be difficult to understand and edit. Our formatter uses indentation and syntax highlighting to make your XML clear and easy to work with, saving you time and effort.

Can this online XML prettifier handle complex files?

Absolutely! Our powerful tool is designed to tackle both simple and complex XML files. Whether you're working with basic data or intricate structures with nested elements, our formatter ensures proper indentation and readability for all your XML needs.

How to format XML code online?

It's incredibly easy! Simply copy and paste your XML code directly into the designated area or upload your XML file. Our tool will take care of the formatting in seconds. On formatting, It is convenient to copy the clean code to clipboard or download it in a format of the file to use later.

Is this online XML formatter free to use?

Yes! Our XML tool is completely free to use.

What is the difference between XML formatting and validation?

XML formatting improves the readability and structure of your code, while validation checks if your code adheres to the correct XML syntax rules.

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